Born in Sabadell on March 6, 1990, she began her career as a model in 2012 doing the modeling and haute couture course of Hernando Herrera in Barcelona.

She has carried out advertising campaigns for the Designer Cristina Pellafranco. She has been the image of the Montibello collection. She has worked for the magazine Nubilis of Argentina.

She has participated in fashion shows for designer Antony Morato, Idan Gyloni, and has paraded at 080, Montibello, Fira Nuvis Barcelona, Africa Fashion Week, Cosmobeauty, and has also worked on shows for the brand Twenty One.



She has studied dramatic arts at the Nancy Tuñón School in Barcelona.

She has worked for the series "Sé Quién Eres", playing the role of receptionist.

She has also performed Acting for the "One Fine Day" movie from Indonesia.

She has worked on the film Sabates Grosses, playing as a daughter of Família. Director Ventura Ponts

Experience in television spots.